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Aesthetic Tree Trimming

Aesthetic tree trimming or pruning is the practice of selectively removing branches & buds to improve the tree’s overall strength and to enhance curb appeal.

Common Pruning Techniques:

Allows the penetration of air & light throughout the canopy of the tree (top of the tree).  This is done by selectively removing branches in a balanced format to develop and/or maintain the tree’s form.

Provides clearance underneath the tree for pedestrians, vehicles, or structures.  Typically, smaller branches are targeted to minimize the stress on the tree.

Simply reduces the length of an overall branch or stem.

Tree Pruning for aesthetics


Trees close to power lines or too close to structures should be trimmed by a professional tree service. Homeowners should also check with their local utility companies to see if they will take care of it.  Consumers Energy can be reached at 800-477-5050.

Large limbs around the roof should be trimmed to ensure high winds don’t damage your home or business.

Tree Trimming for Safety

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Tree trimming can benefit the overall health of a tree and takes on many forms:

Trimming off some of the larger branches can assist the tree in making better use of the nutrients available to it.

Trimming your trees can assist in detecting any sign of disease that may be affecting your tree. 

Tree trimming is also how professional tree services assist homeowners in shaping trees for their landscape.  This also helps minimize the number of branches and hence further increases the use of nutrients available from the surrounding soil.

Remember that large trees have root systems that extend 2-3 times farther than it’s canopy.   New pools, driveways, or home additions should be planned accordingly. Major trimming at the wrong time of year can be detrimental to a tree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trimming trees in the late fall to early spring is advised.  Trees are dormant during these colder months and less stress on the tree will occur.  In addition, insects and other pests are generally active during this period.  In all cases, try to avoid late spring or summer.

In general, you should not prune more than 15-20% of a mature tree’s canopy at one time.  It’s better to start with 5-10%. Here’s an article for pruning storm damaged trees.

Looking to remove an entire tree?

Sugar Maple is a very common species in Michigan and is found throughout the state.

Beech is another popular specifies especially in southern Michigan.  American beech has a beautiful smooth grayish thin bark.

Red Maple is found throughout all of Michigan as well. As with other maple species, it’s fruit is called “samara” or more commonly “helicopters”.

White Pine is Michigan’s state tree and can be easily found in the Upper & Lower penisula. This is a fast-growing evergreen and can reach heights of 80 feet and as wide as 40 feet.  It’s also a conifer which mean it keeps its needles all year long & produces cones.

Eastern White Pine wins this award in Michigan.  It’s reported that the tallest ones are located in Hartwick Pines State Park in Grayling, Michigan where they are estimated to range from 148 to 157 feet tall.


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